Terms & Conditions



  • All of our original pieces of art are unique. Occasionally we may be asked to produce a painting which is similar to a previously sold piece. Obviously with a unique original it will not be exactly the same. The colours and content will differ from the previously sold painting. We never duplicate paintings so it is guaranteed that your purchased piece is a unique one off.
  • The copyright to all sold paintings remains with the artist and artwork must not be copied / published without prior permission.
  • There may be prints taken (by the artist) from original paintings. The copyright of these images also remains with the artist.
  • Paintings are shipped securely packaged and should arrive in perfect condition. If a piece arrives damaged then please notify us immediately and where possible provide photographs of the damage for us to assess. A replacement piece of art or a refund (painting value only) will be offered. Which of these options is offered will depend on a number of factors such as whether it is a commission (and its complexity) or a standard piece of art purchased from the one of our websites.
  • In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with a piece of art you may return it within one week of receipt. It must be returned in the original packaging or similar to protect the piece during transit. Upon receipt by us it will be checked and unless any damage is found a refund will be given. Buyer to pay for return postage on a Royal Mail recorded delivery service. Only the cost of the painting itself will be refunded.
  • The painting/s will arrive with a protective paper covering. This is to prevent the outer packaging from adhering and potentially damaging the painted surface. If the buyer wraps the painting at any subsequent point the protective paper wrapping must be used to ensure that the paintwork is protected.
  • When framing the piece of art it is recommended that the painting is left uncovered. If the painting is to be framed behind glass / Perspex a suitable mount must be used to prevent the painted surface from coming into contact with the glass / Perspex. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the piece of art if these guidelines are not followed.


If you have any queries regarding these terms and conditions of sale please do not hesitate to contact us. Unless we hear from potential buyers in advance of purchase we have to assume that the above terms and conditions are accepted and understood.

These terms and conditions of sale are not exhaustive but are intended to give some basic guidance and advice to buyers.